Oh Roma!

Day 9 of our European adventure, and I have yet to know what day it is. After an early morning breakfast, us Broncos jumped on the super crowded metro to head for the Colosseo! Upon arriving we began the search for our tour guide Marta, who ended up making our own Izzy Porada look tall! We tried our best to keep an eye on Marta in the big crowds, while we toured around the incredible coliseum. Once we parted ways with Marta, we continued walking around the streets of Rome, passing many ancient ruins along the way. We made one last stop at the Pantheon before heading back to the hotel to prepare for our match. We ended up losing a very close match in the fifth set to an Italian club team, which only makes us hungrier for a win against them tomorrow in the last match of our trip. We finished off the night with some Italian cuisine, complete with bread, salad, pizza, pasta AND beef stew. It’s safe to say that our bellies are full, and we’re going to sleep well tonight.

Mikaela Ryshytylo #24 image


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