Holy Vatican

imageHello all.
The time has come, the broncos said to talk of many things. Of smelly shoes and sweaty shirts of emperors and kings.
We conquered the metro to begin our journey to St. Angel’s castel. From there we met up with Marta from our Rome tour yesterday to help guide us through the Vatican. On our way there our lovely tour guide gave us a fast pass to the front and we made it right on through to security. While being checked one of the girls had to check her mug in at the front. No mugs in the Vatican! We toured through, Marta gave us history of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and artwork within. The tour was absolutely gorgeous! The artwork within the Chapel and the museum was so detailed and well restored that you could really see the facial expressions of each person on the ceiling and walls. After we exited we had to wait for a teammate to go grab her mug from the front. While Marta and the teammate left for the front, we were able to go look around outside the buildings.

Later that night we traveled to the gym for our last match of our long trip. While warming up Michael was warming up with with some other staff and jump set a ball and sprained his ankle. But who cares, when in Rome!
The game began and we started to work together and really flow. It was great to see the team starting to really come together. What was exceptional of our play is that many people stepped up to positions which they may have not played.
We played the Italian team for five sets again and we won the last game.

As our journey ends, we will continue to improve. Seeing the competition in Europe is a real eye opener for us. We can still improve, we can still get better, and we can always work to represent our school. Thank you to everyone that helped us get to where we are today. This trip really challenged the team. We are so grateful for all our supporters. Thanks for following our Bronco journey in Europe. Until next time. Go broncos!

-lishfish #6



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