On our first day in Rome we traveled from our hotel to see the Spanish steps which unfortunately were under construction.  Unlucky for us we were unprepared when a thunderstorm hit and soaked our clothes.   Kyle refused to buy an umbrella from a street vendor repeating “It’s too late I’m already soaked.”  While running through town to find a cafe we stopped in every store to get out of the rain.  Along the way Bailey, Mary, Hannah, and I discovered pants that would have been too long for a giraffe. As the sky cleared up we made our way to the Trevi Fountain to take numerous selfies and group pictures. Everyone followed the tradition and kissed a coin to make a wish.  We tossed the coins over our left shoulders into the fountain and making a promise to return to the fountain.  For dinner there was a four course meal of brushetta, pasta, tortellini and chicken with potatoes… Delicious! With full bellies we made our way back to the hotel. I know that everyone is hoping to come back with news of a win over the great competition here in Rome!

Olivia Kofie #1




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