Hello, Bronco volleyball fans! Izzy Porada here writing to you from Maribor, Slovenia after another adventurous day. Fortunately, the weather was perfect today and the Bronco volleyball team was finally able to explore the Maribor giant, the Pohorje mountain. For two days now I have been glancing at this gigantic green monster outside of my hotel room. I would often wonder how people have the courage to ski down that thing in the winter, let alone hike it in the summer months. Fun fact: while majority of the Bronco squad partnered up and rode the ski lift up to the restaurant we ate lunch at, Colleen and Kyle decided to hike up it! I’m not going to lie to you avid blog readers, but it was quite amusing to see this from my comfortable ski lift chair because I could only imagine the burning sensation their calves felt! After we ate a delicious lunch outdoors, it was time for the hilarious toboggan rides down the mountain. Personally, I’m really afraid of heights but it was a comforting feeling knowing that all of my teammates and coaching staff would be riding this thing as well. We’re all in this together, right? I’m not sure about the rest of the Bronco fam, but as I was flying down the mountain in my toboggan, I managed to kill about three bugs with my forehead and had one smeared across my cheek. In other words, the toboggan rides were unpredictably fast and AWESOME. I’m not sure if this counts for anything but the Bronco volleyball players did draw some attention from a group of Swedish tennis players during our wait for the toboggan ride. I’m pretty sure they were about 12 years old but people still think we are awesome no matter their age or what country they are from. For dinner, we were told to wear our nicest clothes. Hearing that is music to any athlete’s ears considering we are always sweaty and not exactly looking our finest when training. The Bronco fam definitely cleans up well that’s for sure! After a twenty-minute bus ride, we arrived at our dinner destination. The House of Wine Doppler personally opened their winery up for us to explore and eat a tasty dinner. This dinner experience was unlike any other dinner experience I have ever had before. Not only was the food great, but the location of this hilly, green vineyard was breathtaking. It’s been beautiful, Maribor. However, I’m ready to explore Italy tomorrow!

-Izzy Porada #5




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