Prague day 3

Today was day two of our stay in Prague. We didn’t have any set touring to do with the tour guides. We split into separate groups and got to explore the city by ourselves. My group walked through old Prague and spent some time at the John Lennon wall. We may have got a little lost on the way but with the help of our maps and phones we found our way and spent some quality time reading all the different quotes and inscriptions left by people over the years. The John Lennon wall started when the secret police were still active and people would sneak out to the wall and leave messages and after John was killed it was dedicated to him because his music had inspired many of the messages and the people that left them. After we left the wall we went to eat at one of the local restaurants and had more delicious local cuisine before heading back to the hotel to get ready for our match. We had a better game this time winning one of the sets. Afterwards we went back to the motel to shower and get ready for supper. We had a local beef soup the was delicious that was followed by Wiener schnitzel and potatoes with a banana split for dessert. After we had finished all our awesome food we went back to the motel for the last time to sleep so we would be ready to leave the next morning.


By Nicole Kinser #13



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