Hello, Bonjour, Ahoj

Last night/ this morning the WMU volleyball team embarked on their journey to Europe.  I say last night/ this morning because of the time change that none of us really have figured out yet. All we know is that we lost an entire day’s time traveling.  After meeting at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago (last night), the team flew into Paris (this afternoon).  This flight took eight hours.  We arrived to Paris safely and got through customs before boarding our second flight of the day which took us to Prague, this flight only takes an hour and a half.  After getting to Prague safely and grabbing our luggage, we had 15 sets of eyes wide with anticipation and wonder.  We met our tour guides and bused our way to checking into the hotel.

After an hour of settling in, showering and getting ready our first adventure started.  We took a tram into the city where we were given free time to shop around before dinner.  The tour guides ordered dinner for us, so that we weren’t overwhelmed with culture shock from the differences in the foods.  I would say they did a pretty darn good job because I don’t think anyone on the team left hungry.
When dinner was over and the bellies of the Broncos were full, we got to do a little bit of sightseeing in downtown Prague.  The culture and beauty of this city was astounding.  The city was built in the late 800’s so seeing a city that dates that far back encompasses thousands of years in history. We walked across the Charles Bridge from old Prague into new Prague.  It has been a very eventful day with a lot of sightseeing and beautiful culture, and there is so much more to come.

Keep Czeching us out as we travel throughout Europe!

Bailey Schnell #7


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